Disability Housing for Disabled in Sacramento

Low Income Housing Disabled

December 11th, 2014
Certain Developments Vouchers - HUD
If you want to know about vouchers for
a person with disabilities, then read the
HUD webpage. To apply for "certain
development vouchers":
Public Housing Authority (PHA) at:
801 12th Street, Sacramento, CA 95814
Ph. (916)440-1319
1800 21st Street, Suite 100, Sacramento, CA 95814 map
Ph. (916) 549-1044 (By appointment only)
Housing Now is low-income/affordable apartments for persons with developmental disabilities. There may be a fee.

420 I Street, Suite 3, Sacramento, CA 95814 map
Ph. (916) 446-3074
Assistance to find accessible apartments for rent and other affordable rental housing to individuals and families with disabilities.

Listed below are seven rentals for people with disabilities.
Summerfield Plaza
2624 Traction Avenue, Sacramento, CA, 95815 Map
Ph. (916) 924-0961
Disabled 1 and 2 bedroom income based HUD.
Kelsey Village
2830 Stockton Blvd., Sacramento, CA, 95817 Map
Ph. (866) 666-0350 Toll Free (916) 737-1700
A Single room Occupancy affordable apartment units including units for individuals with disabilities.
Harmonia Ent., Inc.
8005 Alta Vista Lane, Citrus Heights, CA, 95610 Map
Ph. (916) 473-5800
Disabled 1 bedroom income based HUD.
Foundation Property
5710 66th Avenue, Sacramento, CA, 95823 Map
Ph. (916) 391-2292
Disabled 1, 2 and 3 bedroom income based HUD.
Foundation Property
5581 Mendocino Boulevard, Sacramento, CA, 95820 Map
Ph. (916) 451-1528
Disabled 1 and 2 bedroom income based HUD.
Foundation Property
1816 O Street, Sacramento, CA, 95814 Map
Ph. (916) 442-0899
Disabled rooms for rent income based HUD.
The Studios at Hotel Berry
729 L Street, Sacramento, Sacramento, CA, 95814 Map
Ph. (916) 443-1890
Affordable single room studios for individuals including on site supportive services.
View PDF for resident eligibility. View or print The Application