Drug Treatment Centers in Boston MA

Boston Drug Treatment Center

May 29, 2022
Drug and alcohol rehab programs Boston for men Boston and women Boston are listed by zip code to help you locate a substance abuse program Boston in your area. All links open in a new window, however, it is best to follow-up with a phone call to determine how the intake process works. Most of the Boston drug treatment centers shown offer free rehab or payment assistance and sliding scale based on income. 

ADCARE Hospital
14 Beacon Street,Suite 801, Boston, MA 02108
Ph: (617) 227-2622
Outpatient Boston drug rehab offers a comprehensive and individualized program for women that accommodates clients' work and family schedules. The intake process focuses on understanding the severity of an individual's alcohol counseling Boston. Intensive outpatient program Boston are offered up to six days per week, day or evening. Family involvement in treatment is strongly encouraged. Medicaid, Medicare. Free drug rehab in Boston is possible for those that qualify with state financing.

Boston Alcohol and Substance Abuse Programs Inc
30 Winter Street, 3rd Floor, Boston, MA 02108
Ph: (617) 482-5292
Outpatient Boston alcohol and substance abuse is available for the individual that has been charged with multiple DUIs. The Multiple Offender Program is a DUI program offered as 20 weekly counseling sessions followed by 7 monthly group counseling sessions. Medicare, Medicaid and payment assistance available.

Bridge Over Troubled Waters Inc
47 West Street, Boston, MA 02111
Ph: (617) 423-9575x210
Outpatient drug treatment program Boston dual diagnosis clinic is provided for men and women that struggle with co-occurring mental health and substance abuse Boston. Treatment for PTSD, anxiety, depression and other disorders is offered. Counseling is free and confidential. Intakes are offered on a drop-in basis Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 4:30pm. 

Bay Cove Human Services
free outpatient drug rehab Boston66 Canal Street, Boston, MA 02114
Ph: (617) 371-3030
Outpatient drug treatment centers in Boston offers compassionate care for men  and women with free outpatient drug treatment centers in Boston MA. Rehabilitation services include alcohol detox Boston substance abuse help prevention, short-term residential programming, individual and group counseling, and transitional living support. Methadone maintenance is also available. Medicaid, sliding scale and payment assistance offered and accepted.
Drug and alcohol rehab Boston offer services for men in Boston and women in Boston in need of substance abuse treatment Boston. Drug programs for teenagers Boston are also available. Alcohol and drug rehab programs Boston are listed by zip code to make it easier to locate drug and alcohol rehabs Boston in your area. Included are those that offer payment assistance and sliding scale based on income.

MGH Addiction Recover Managment Servs
151 Merrimac Street, Boston, MA 02114
Ph: (617) 643-4699
drug rehab BostonOutpatient drug treatment Massachusetts for teenagers offers Addiction Recovery Management Service (ARMS), provides information, support and care management drug rehab Boston for ages 14-26 and their families. The West End Clinic offers outpatient substance abuse treatment Boston for men and women struggling with co-occurring mental health disorders and Boston drug addict help. Medicaid, Medicare, and private health insurance accepted.

Childrens Hospital Pediatric Assoc. Adolescent Substance Abuse Program
300 Longwood Avenue, Boston, MA 02115
Ph: (617) 355-2727
Outpatient rehabilitation for teenagers Boston is a comprehensive adolescent center for substance abuse treatment Boston that is committed to reducing and preventing substance abuse disorders in children and adolescents. Thorough evaluation, individual counseling, group therapy, drug testing, medication management and parental guidance are featured. Medicare, Medicaid, state funding and private insurance are accepted.

Fenway Community Health Center Substance Abuse Treatment Program
1340 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02115
Ph: (617) 267-0900
Intake: (617) 927-6202
Outpatient substance abuse program Boston specializes in Boston drug addiction help for the LGBT community. A safe and gentle detox program is provided on a walk-in basis as a drug and alcohol treatment program Boston . Individual and group counseling, relapse prevention and substance abuse education are offered. Co-occurring mental health and addiction issues are also addressed and treated. Medicaid, Medicare and VA are accepted. Payment assistance is available. 

Fenway Community Health Center
Fenway South End
142 Berkeley Street, Boston, MA 02116
Ph: (617) 247-7555
Outpatient drug rehab Boston specialized care for LGBT community. Individuals with co-occurring mental health and substance abuse are treated with compassion and dignity. Personal issues such as living with HIV, substance abuse counseling for women Boston, low self-esteem, or grieving the death of a partner are supported and include a psychiatric evaluation. Daily acupuncture for withdrawal symptoms is provided. Medicare, Medicaid, state funding and sliding scale payment assistance is available.
Listed below are Boston drug and alcohol rehab centers that are available for those struggling drug addiction. Most programs available today offer treatment for co-occurring mental health and substance abuse issues. Facilities that have payment assistance often have FREE drug abuse treatment as well. 
Habit OPCO
99 Topeka Street, Boston, MA 02118
Ph: (617) 442-1499x203
Methadone and Buprenorphine Clients Only
Outpatient methadone clinic Boston is a program that specializes in administering methadone and other opoid blockers such as Buprenorphine for short-term or long-term use in order to help stop the use of heroin and prescription pain medication. An assessment process is conducted to evaluate the need and the dosage necessary to treat the individual. Medicare, Medicaid, state funding accepted.  

Victory Programs Inc
Victory House/Recovery Home
566 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston, MA 02118
Ph: (617) 262-5032
Residential drug treatment centers Boston for men Boston struggling with addiction. This 4 - 8 month program offers services to men living with HIV/AIDS, as well as co-occurring mental health disorders. Victory House is a welcoming environment for men of all cultures and life-styles. Payment assistance is available.

Volunteers of America Hello House
Drug rehab program Boston686 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston, MA 02118
Ph: (617) 262-7142
Inpatient drug rehab centers Boston for men Boston is a comprehensive 3 to 6 month program that is designed to reintegrate the residents back into the community and their families as sober, responsible members of society. Drug rehab program Boston includes group and individual counseling, as wells as intensive case management for co-occurring mental health and substance abuse . Daily practice and active involvement in the AA/NA community help with the acceptance of addiction and encourages a commitment to change.
Residential drug and alcohol treatment programs Boston for men in Boston and women in Boston are listed below. These drug and alcohol rehabs Boston offer comprehensive programs that include support to family members. Treatment for drug detox are often included in inpatient drug and alcohol programs.

Askia Academy at Dimock
34 Dimock Street, Boston, MA 02119
Ph: (617) 442-8800
Residential substance abuse treatment for men Boston and women's rehab residential Boston provides intensive rehab for those struggling with substance abuse. Short-term (30-90 days) and long-term (up to a year) treatment is offered in this comprehensive alcohol and drug treatment program Boston. The focus of this free drug rehab Boston MA facility for those that qualify and includes the opportunity to be in a transitional housing environment upon completion of the inpatient program in order to build a foundation of strong recovery. Medicare, Medicaid and rehab centers Boston for those that qualify.

Casa Esperanza Inc Casa Esperanzas Mens Program
drug treatment program Boston291 Eustis Street, Boston, MA 02119
Ph: (617) 445-7411
Residential drug rehab Boston is the first step for men Boston to live a life of recovery and sobriety.This drug treatment program Boston is a 6 - 12 month program for men that face barriers accessing treatment such as cultural and minority issues, homelessness, IV drugs, and those recently released from prison. A strong focus on relapse prevention, job counseling, domestic violence and anger management education are the key points of this program. Free drug rehab through payment assistance and state funding is available.

Dimock Center John Flowers Recovery Home
50 Dimock Street, Boston, MA 02119
Ph: (617) 442-8800x1336
Residential drug and alcohol treatment programs Boston is specialized for men in need of recovery from the devastating results of addiction. The John Flowers Recovery Home and Askia Academy provide long-term and short-term inpatient substance abuse treatment center Boston that specializes in co-occurring mental health and drug abuse Boston issues. Payments are based on a sliding scale.

Dimock Community Health Center Alcohol and Drug Detoxification Prog
41 Dimock Street, Boston, MA 02119
Ph: (617) 442-8800x1392
Intakes: (617) 442-8800x1320 (617) 442-8800x1315
Detox center Boston for men Boston and women Boston provides assistance to those that need medical care while going through withdrawals. This program features a safe inpatient drug rehab Boston environment for each individual that requires detox Boston in order to move toward the goal of recovery from substance abuse.
Residential drug and alcohol rehabs Boston and outpatient drug rehabs Boston are listed below. Drug rehabilitation for pregnant women Boston is vital for the health and well-being of the mothers and their children. Those listed are all comprehensive drug treatment programs in the Boston area. Be sure to contact the facility directly to inquire about their intake process.

Dorchester House
1353 Dorchester Avenue, Boston, MA 02122
Ph: (617) 288-3230
Outpatient Boston drug treatment for men Boston and women Boston . This program specializes in drug  rehabilitation Boston for individuals with co-occurring mental health and substance abuse issues such as anxiety, depression, grief, PTSD and anger management. Medicare, Medicaid, state funding and private health insurance are accepted.

Free drug rehab BostonInterim House Inc. Recovery Home
62 Waldeck Street, Boston, MA 02124
Ph: (617) 265-2636
Residential drug treatment programs Boston for women is a comprehensive program that helps women build a strong foundation of recovery from addiction, psychiatric disorders and trauma. Services include individual & group therapy, relapse prevention, job training and much more. GED and ABE instruction are also available. Psychiatric evaluations to diagnose co-occurring mental health and addiction issues are conducted. Free drug rehab Boston with sliding scale and payment assistance available.
Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is available for residential program graduates in order to continue with the support of the recovery team while maintaining an independent life-style. The supportive services include creative arts, education, fitness, health & nutrition, and education & vocation training.

Phoenix House Dorchester Center
90 Cushing Avenue, Boston, MA 02125
Ph: (800) 671-9392
Residential drug and alcohol treatment Boston offers a holistic approach to drug rehab Boston. Treatment plans include an evaluation to recognize any co-occurring mental health disorders.  Phoenix House provides comprehensive services for pregnant women Boston and mothers and their young children in a residential setting. Because each woman requires various levels of treatment, transitional sober living homes and an outpatient program are also available.
Inpatient drug and alcohol rehab Boston and Outpatient drug and alcohol rehab Boston are listed below in zip code order. Drug rehabilitation treatment is provided for men Boston, women Boston and pregnant/postpartum women Boston. These programs accept Medicare, Medicaid and offer payment assistance.

BPHC Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Services Satellite
8 Burke Street, Boston, MA 02127
Ph: (617) 534-9500
Outpatient drug and alcohol rehab centers provides treatment for men Boston and women BostonSpecialized short-term substance abuse counseling program is offered for individuals that are ready to start their road to recovery.

Residential drug and alcohol rehab Boston  is provided for pregnant /postpartum Latina women Boston and their children. The 6 to 12 month program provides bilingual/bicultural drug and alcohol treatment programs Boston and also engages fathers of the children and extended family members in order to help increase family functioning and build the woman's social support networks.
Medicare, Medicaid, sliding scale and no cost drug rehab centers Boston for those that qualify for payment assistance.

Boston Public Health Commission Narcotic Addiction Clinic Methadone Servs
300 Frontage Road, Boston, MA 02127
Ph: (617) 534-2490
Methadone Clients Only
Outpatient drug and alcohol rehab center Boston provides medication assisted substance abuse services to primarily poor, uninsured, homeless, pregnant women, and medically compromised individuals. Medically monitored methadone treatment, outpatient counseling and acupuncture for free drug detox Boston and relapse prevention.
Medicare, state financing and payment assistance available.

Gavin Foundation Inc
675 East 4th Street, Boston, MA 02127
Ph: (617) 268-5517
This drug and alcohol treatment program Boston is a six month recovery home for men. This program includes intensive case management services Boston that guides each resident through the program and establishes goals for recovery Group and individual counseling are provided as well as an aftercare program that is offered once treatment is complete. The Alcoholic Anonymous Way of Life (AAWOL) teaches the application of the Twelve Steps and is the main focus of this treatment facility.

Gavin Foundation Inc. Center for Recovery Services
49 L Street, Boston, MA 02127
Ph: (617) 268-5000
Outpatient drug rehab center Boston includes assessments, counseling, relapse prevention, anger management and group therapy for men and women . This dual diagnosis treatment center Boston also addresses mental health treatment on-site Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner is available to determine if medication management is necessary.
Medicaid and state funding is accepted.

Gavin Foundation Inc. Cushing House for Teens
Drug treatment program teens Boston54-58 Old Colony Avenue, Boston, MA 02127
Ph: (617) 269-2933
Inpatient rehabilitation for teenagers Boston is available through the Cushing Houses. This intensive 6-month residential program promotes self-care, self-reliance and community responsibility for young men and women between the ages of 16 and 20 that are having difficulty in school and at home. Drug treatment program for teens Boston begins with a thorough assessment and evaluation to determine the best course of action for each individual. Males and females are in separate houses and use a similar structure, but gender specific groups are conducted. Reestablishing a relationship and opening the lines of communication between the teen and the parents is of utmost importance. 

Middlesex Human Service Agency Inc Answer House Recovery Home
5 G Street, Boston, MA 02127
Ph: (617) 268-7124
Residential drug and alcohol treatment programs Boston for men is a substance abuse treatment program Boston that enables men to build a foundation of recovery and maintain sobriety while establishing employment and dedication to family and social responsibilities. This free alcohol rehab Boston is specialized as it recognizes the needs of men specifically. Self-payment, state funding, private insurance accepted. Payment assistance available.
Outpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation Boston. The program for men Boston and women Boston includes programs for those with co-occurring mental health and substance abuse issues. The goal of each program is to help clients build and strong foundation of sobriety and recovery. The program for teens focuses on building a trusting relationship with their parents and the community. The programs are listed by zip code and it is strongly encouraged that you call the rehab of your choice to inquire about the intake process and to confirm that it is the program that you will be most comfortable with. 

After Care Services Inc
Drug Rehab Boston2 Lexington Street, Suite 1, Boston, MA 02128
Ph: (617) 569-4561
Hotline: (617) 569-4561
 for men Boston and women Boston in need of services for co-occurring mental health and substance abuse issues. Aftercare Services, Inc. provides substance abuse counseling and medication management to individuals, families and couples, taking into consideration the client's needs and expectations. Medicaid, Medicare and free drug rehab Boston for those that qualify.

North Suffolk MHA/Noddles Island
14 Porter Street, Boston, MA 02128
Ph: (617) 912-7526
Outpatient drug treatment centers Boston for people of all ages, including drug rehab for teens Boston who are struggling with addiction issues. An evaluation is done in order to design a treatment plan for each individual to maximize their success in recovery. This program includes education, relapse prevention, individual and group counseling, and help for those with co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders. Family members and friends are offered support while learning to deal with their loved one's addiction. Medicare, Medicaid, private health insurance are accepted. Sliding fee scale is also available.

North Suffolk Mental Hlth Association Meridian House
408 Meridian Street, Boston, MA 02128
Ph: (617) 569-6050
Residential drug and alcohol rehab centers Boston is a structured community that treats men Boston and women Boston suffering from addiction and co-occurring mental health issues. Residents gain the skills to build a foundation of recovery and maintain sobriety with a therapeutic and educational program that is designed to encourage growth. The average length of stay is 9 - 12 months and once completed the residents have access to all specialized outpatient drug rehab Boston services offered by Noddles Island Addiction Services.