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March 20th, 2015
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The goal of this website is connecting you directly to the resources without calling an information and referral service, case worker, etc. Therefore; you are empowered to connect yourself to the help you need. Phone numbers and locations for Ultrasound, WIC, Food bank locations, Free drug rehab, Low income housing locations and any other charitable organization in the County of Sacramento and

Substance abuse treatment facility locator CA.


Drug Rehab Programs
Description: Drug Rehab Programs in California Alcohol treatment for Outpatient, Detox, Residential and Bay Area substance abuse treatment locator.
Free clinics
Description: Sacramento Free Clinics open on Saturday, Sunday Clinic downtown for prenatal care, ultrasound, pregnancy and womens Clinicas.
Low income housing
Description: Low income housing in Sacramento rent based on your income for subsidized apartments.
Food bank list
Description: Food banks in Sacramento County for emergency food, mobile food bank and free meals.
Description: WIC Sacramento WIC office locations and phone numbers
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