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August 27, 2022
No credit check apartments
Sacramento rental apartments. Affordable housing programs in Sacramento and surrounding area that may offer exceptions such as low or no credit credit check apartments near me and/or accept people with evictions. Honestly, there are not any No Credit Check Apartments, you could look on *raigslist to find rentals by owner that may have no credit check. Please look through and read the webpage carefully.

How to locate apartments that accept evictions in Sacramento.

Sacramento Self Help Housing.
They also have the list of rooms for rent in Sacramento.
SSHH offers an online listing of

Apartments that accept evictions near me in Sacramento.

Step by step.
1. You will go to the link below that opens in a new window.
2. You will see a list of options to click. On the fourth row and click the down arrow where it says "Accept Evictions?". Please do NOT click or check anything else!
3. A list will automatically populate for all of Sacramento based on accepting evictions.
4. One-by-one click the Pencil Icon on the left side of the list.
5. After you click the Pencil Icon and the info for that unit opens - click on the tab "Required".
6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for each Sacramento rental and call the rental property for questions.
7. You should use a desktop computer, because it will take a while with 100+ listings. If you do not have an eviction there are links to more housing options below.
Begin your search for apartments that accept evictions in Sacramento CA.

These apartments and the list below do not accept evictions.
move in Specials near me

HomePointe Property Management
5896 South Land Park Drive,Sacramento,CA,95822 Map
24-Hour Hotline (916)-429-1302 or (530) 676-6606
Rentals at a "low-cost" rate, Move in specials and "Ez 2 Qualify" for ez qualifying rentals in Sacramento, CA if renting an apartment with bad credit is your option. No Evictions! You can obtain our list at one of our three offices 24-Hour Hotline (916)-429-1302 or (530) 676-6606.

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