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February 19, 2022
Here you will find how to Apply for Social Security Disability Benefits in Sacramento for Services, locating Employment Assistance, Housing, Advocacy, and more for people with a disability. On top are webpages to other disability services. By Victor Stark.

Disability Action Advocates

1860 Howe Avenue Suite 220, Sacramento, CA 95825
Ph. (916) 756-4007
Call 1-877-322-1044 to make an appointment.
"We do not charge a fee until we win your case." Disability Action Advocates will file all necessary forms
review file thoroughly, help through each step and represent you with an attorney.
777 Campus Commons Rd, Suite 200, Sacramento, CA 95825
Ph. (916) 246-2946
Our goal is to help people get the money they need to survive when they are too sick to keep working but too young to retire.
Our services include:
1) Help Filing A New Application
2) Filing All Necessary Appeals
3) Representation at an Administrative Hearing (this is where we win most of our cases)
There is no upfront cost to the client and we do not charge a fee unless we are successful in helping them get money.
We pride ourselves on our top quality customer service. We treat our clients like they really matter. We truly care about them.

Disability Rights California
1831 K Street, Sacramento, CA 95811
Ph. (916) 488-9955
Legal Office (916) 504-5800 TTY: 1-800-719-5798, Toll Free: 1-800-776-5746
Disability Rights California serves individuals and families with disabilities to advocate for their concerns including SSI, In-Home services, Medi-Cal, Discrimination in housing, Employment, etc.
8701 Center Parkway, Suite 100, Sacramento, CA 95823
Ph. (916) 691-1555 (Voice), (916) 691-1555 (TTY)
Northeast Sacramento Branch
7840 Madison Avenue, Suite 160, Fair Oaks, CA 95628-3589
Ph. (916) 537-2640 (Voice), (916) 537-2659 (TTY), (916) 537-2660 (TTY)
Northern Sierra and Capitol Mall Branches
721 Capitol Mall , Sacramento, CA 95814
Ph. (916) 558-5320 (Voice), (916) 558-5322 (TTY)
Provide services and disability advocacy resulting in employment, independent living and equality for individuals with disabilities.
2025 Hurley Way, Suite 105, Sacramento, CA 95825
Ph. (916) 567-1974
Provides conferences, training, self-advocacy and assistive technology services to people with developmental disabilities.
6950 21st Ave, Sacramento, CA 95820
Ph. (916) 381-1300
Provides services to adults with developmental disabilities. Our services focus on integrated employment, social inclusion and community living. Community Training Program - Supported Employment Program - Supported Living Services - Work and Life Skills - Independent Living Services - Communicate to Work.
8583 Elder Creek Road, Suite 200, Sacramento, CA 95828
Ph. (916) 387-8080
Art classes, music therapy, employment assistance and much more to developmentally disabled adults.
3205 Hurley Way, Sacramento, CA 95864
Ph. (916) 485-6711
"Providing Services for People with Disabilities and Their Families". Autism-Children's Services-Employment and Training-Adult and Senior Services-Medical Rehabilitation and Recreation.
2033 Howe Avenue, Suite 160, Sacramento, CA 95825
Ph. (916) 263-3085
Government level information pertaining to Disability Community Resources and programs.
2349 Gateway Oaks Drive, Suite 200, Sacramento, CA 95833
Ph. (916) 263-0550
Contracts with the Department of Developmental Services to provide due process hearing and mediation services. - "This is the place to contact if you need to file a Due Process Complaint about your child's school not providing services to meet his or her needs by way of an IEP." Victor Stark.

Disability Housing                              
Special Needs for Children   
Disability Services for Kids
Mental Health Housing                    
Mental Health Services       
Veterans with Disabilities

»★ Below are organizations that require a referral from Alta Regional Center. If you do not know what Alta Services are, then call to ask for information and a screening for eligibility. Alta is very helpful and if you do not get a screening thy can still help you reach the services you need. 
  1. California Department of Developmental Services
    1600 9th Street, RM 240, Sacramento, CA 95814 map
    Ph. (916) 654-1690
    Services to 21 regional centers in California. This is a state level agency that provides services through the regional centers. Call for specific information of where to find services for children and adults with disabilities.
  2. Alta California Regional Center
    2135 Butano Drive, Sacramento CA 95825 map
    Ph. (916) 978-6400
    Assist individuals and families with developmental disabilities, including infants at risk and their families by providing and securing services and supports necessary to maximize opportunities and choices. Call to request an intake appointment.
  3. Turning Point Community Programs
    3440 Viking Drive, Suite 114, Sacramento, CA 95827 map
    Ph. (916) 364-8395
    Provides many types of services to adults and children with psychiatric and/or developmental disabilities. Referrals from ACCESS.
    Crises Residential Program
    4801 34th Street, Sacramento, CA 95820
    Ph. (916) 737-9201 Respite services for mentally disabled adults who have become suicidal, depressed or otherwise emotionally incapacitated.
    Employment Services Program
    601 North Market Boulevard, Suite 300, Sacramento, CA 95834 map
    Ph. (916) 646-3684 Provides employment support and advocates for community work opportunities.
    Focus Program
    7245 East Southgate Drive, Sacramento, CA 95823
    Ph. (916) 427-7122 x102
    Offers intensive in-home support for high-risk, high-need children and their families. 
    Integrated Services Agency
    4600 47th Avenue, Suite 111, Sacramento, CA 95824
    Ph. (916) 393-1222
    Provides intensive 24-hour outpatient services to residents of long term care psychiatric hospitals upon release.
    Regional Support Team
    601 West North Market Blvd. Suite 100, Sacramento, CA 95834
    Ph. (916)567-4222
    Offers medication management, substance abuse, family intervention and much more to disabled adults.
    Planned Lifetime Assistance Network
    3440 Viking Drive, Suite 114, Sacramento, CA 95827
    Ph. (916) 364-8395
    Provides caretakers for families with a disabled member.
    Transitional Support Services
    4500 47th Avenue, Suite 5, Sacramento, CA 95824
    Ph. (916) 395-9100-24 Hours.
    Provides support, education and empowerment to disabled consumers to live independently within the community.
  4. Developmental Disabilities Service Organization
    5051 47th Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95824
    Ph. (916) 456-5166
    Provides support to adults for community access, self-advocacy, employment and other areas of personal and independent growth.
    ADC - Achievement Development & Care
    1250 Sutterville Rd, Sacramento, 95822
    Ph: (916) 737-2399
    Supports adults with severe and profound developmental disabilities. A referral from Alta Regional is required.
    SCS - Short Center South
    Ph: (916) 737-2397
    Provides a creative arts environment to provide support and training to adults with developmental disabilities. A referral from Alta Regional Center is required.
    CIP - Community Integration Program
    2331 St. Marks Way, Sacramento, 95864
    Ph: (916) 973-1953
    Supports adults with severe and profound developmental disabilities to participate in community activities. A referral from Alta Regional is required.             
    E+ - Employment Plus
    Ph: (916) 973-1966
    Provides volunteer and employment training and support to adults with developmental disabilities. A referral from Alta Regional is required. E+ is an Employment Network and also accepts Ticket to Work clients.
    SCN - Short Center North Ph: (916) 973-1951
    Primarily uses the arts to provide support and training to adults with developmental disabilities. A referral from Alta Regional Center is required.
    T2 - Transitions for Tomorrow
    Ph: (916) 973-1821
    Supports adults with severe and profound developmental disabilities. A referral from Alta Regional is required.
    6950 21st Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95820 map
    Ph. (916) 381-1300 x0
    Offers vocational evaluation, training and placement services to disabled adults. A referral from Alta Regional is required.
  6. Reese Alan Wilson Center
    3340 Marysville Boulevard, Sacramento, CA 95838 map
    Ph. (916) 437-3555
    Services to developmentally disabled adults to gain and maintain self-reliance and independent living skills. A referral from Alta Regional is required.
  7. Training Toward Self - Reliance
    620 Bercut Drive, Sacramento, CA 95811 map
    Ph. (916) 442-8877
    Training towards self-reliance - Family Support Services - Parent Support Group - Community Activity Support Services. A referral from Alta Regional is required.
  8. A. Warren Mc Claskey Adult Center
    5241 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95819 map
    Ph. (916) 277-6625
    Provides services & assistance to developmentally disabled adults ages 18+. Referral from Alta Regional required.
  9. Developmental Living Center
    6518 Lang Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95823 map
    Ph. (916) 424-9191 or 424-1111
    Provides behavioral treatment and residential training for developmentally disabled or autistic adults.
    A referral from Alta Regional is required.