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May 17, 2022

Providing Information Over a Million Times Each Year

 From January 01, 2012 to December 31, 1,157,635 instances of community services information was provided through!!!

Visits: 350,381

Unique Visitors: 263,395

Pageviews: 1,157,635

Pages / Visit: 3.30

Avg. Visit Duration: 00:02:33

Bounce Rate: 22.72%

% New Visits: 73.58%

73.54% New Visitor...257,680 Visits

26.46%Returning Visitor...92,701 Visits

The Sacramento Resource Directory 2012 Edition in print:
In 2012 a total of 378 paperback 2012 editions were distributed through retailers. Hundreds more of the FREE download edition of the manuscript were also provided. If only 300 people use the print directory an average of two times each week, that’s at least 30,000 times a

January 1st, 2011 - December 31st, 2011 on Mobile version of database

8,762 people visited the database for the first time from a mobile phone. Feedback indicates the majority of people using the mobile version are local security, such as shopping malls and people seeking health services.

8,762 Unique Database Visitors

21,699 Database Pageviews

1.47 Pages/Visit

00:03:08 Avg. Time on Site

56.36% % New Database Visits

Monthly Email updates:
3,000+ email subscribers receiving important updates.

Informatin and Referral Helpline:
(916) 514-NEED (6333) Averaging 45 incoming calls each week and rapidly increasing.

Through Community Outreaches:
Much more thousands of information about community services were provided, mainly to Elementary school populations.

Does The Sacramento Resource Directory provide the most Information and Referrals in Sacramento?

  • Yes. Why?
  • 1. Because we keep our database updated - that is the number one rule.
  • 2. Because we include Genuiness- Warmth - and Empathy. We care about helping people, not just about funding.
  • 3. And, we resources that help people have a new life such as free drug treatment programs, and more.


"You provide tons of valuable information for parents living in the Sacramento community."

Cascia Talbert, Editor Healthy Moms- Parenting, Pregnancy, Health and Women's Issues

“It's been a pleasure watching grow, Victor, and I'm very pleased that it's being so well received. The community is lucky to have you.”

– Tonie, M.S.W. 

"I love your web site and the name OneFathersLove. Social work is a new career choice for me, and I am still in college. Looking at this from a Social Workers point of view is different. This is something that I would do, as I believe this is a powerful way to gain knowledge and a fast way to get info. The website is great. There are many resources, but it does not really cause you to become distracted because they all lead to the same thing, help!, for helping ones self. Overall, it is very useful and wonderful.

Thanks for helping and caring enough to help others, one more thing, being a Dad and

doing this is the best part of all. Good luck to you and all your endeavors."


I think your network would have strong social glue because you and the people you help have a long-term Interest in this issue. They can share knowledge and resources as your website does to expand social capitol. Your network is using the Internet and other assets currently available in the community to build a sense of collective effort.

Mr. E. Nettles 

Hi Victor

"You've done most excellent in gathering information, resources, credibility for I can tell you've put your heart and soul into this - and I think it'll be a great resource to have advertised in our local trade papers. Perhaps you could co-op advertising with some of the organizations you've listed on your site."


Hi Victor,

I had a great opportunity to visit your website and I must say that I am totally impressed. It is organizations and people like you who put "Unity" in our Community. I agree that we all have a stake in the future of our families and our neighbors. OneFatherLove is indicative of the type of community members who are on the front lines day to day to improve the circumstances of so many at a sacrifice to themselves.

Sacramento Dads, Inc. 

"This website [] really amazed me, I had no idea it was based in Sacramento. It's nice to see people caring so much about others and reaching out a hand to help one another when their stuck in a rut.

It's nice to see people doing something nice for a change!"


Onefatherslove - The Sacramento Resource Directory is a Updated community resource directory established for all diversities of individuals and families who want to willingly help themselves or others achieve self sufficiency. The only membership requirement is the desire for a better life.

Onefatherslove The Sacramento Resource Directory provides updated non-profit and family resources resulting in the most current information and referrals for community support services. Sacramento Community Family Resources and volunteers discover family resources and events in your community, focusing on Charity, Government, Non-Profit and various Safety and Specialized resources, along with seeking to collaborate with Human/Social service agencies and the people to whom they offer service.


Onefatherslove The Sacramento Resource Directory has conducted both formal and informal research on the value of such an up-to-date directory like ours, the result of which demonstrated that people of all ages, gender, ethnicity, and education level feel they will definitely benefit from an updated community resource directory. The need is great for a directory of resources for special education, adult/children shelters, free food/clothes closet', parenting classes and events, and even domestic violence resources. Much of these are set up to provide opportunities for those in the continuum ranging from "in crisis" or "at risk of becoming in crisis" to self-sufficiency. We are interested in our community and are dedicated to a vision of using positive methods to help in reducing poverty, and empowering low-income individuals and families to restore their lives. Our founder and volunteers, have a mission to successfully bring back quality in online resource directory services by providing our Updated Community Resources.


Onefatherslove The Sacramento Resource Directory is committed to providing quality and Updated resources which simplifies access through the maze of social service programs, thereby, generously assisting families and individuals to live for a better life, to take responsibility for their own needs, and to improve the quality of life for the families and children in our community. U.C.R. Sacramento works to support the essential needs for Updated resources in the Sacramento County area to provide a One Stop Shop for all family and individual intervention community services