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April 6, 2022
Drug rehab Rochester NY. Rochester drug rehab centers are listed below by the zip code. Drug treatment center Rochester NY are for men, women, teenagers and pregnant women. All drug addiction help in Rochester NY have certain words underlined to help you quickly locate a rehab center you feel is the best fit. Call the alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers Rochester NY to determine if there is a waiting list and if they will accept your insurance or offer County funded payment assistance.

Action for a Better Community
33 Chestnut Street, Rochester, NY 14604
Ph. (585) 325-5116
Rochester drug rehab Outpatient drug rehab Rochester and alcohol treatment to persons 18 and over by providing both Individual and group alcohol and drug counseling Rochester NY. Gender specific for men and women's recovery. Specializes in cultural diversity with addiction specialist Rochester NY counseling in English and Spanish. Native American vouchers accepted and state financial assistance is available.

Huther Doyle
360 East Avenue, Rochester, NY 14604
Ph. (585) 325-5100
Outpatient addiction treatment Rochester NY for teens agers 12 and up and individuals over 18 years of age. 
Assessments for help with addiction Rochester NY recovery needs are comprehensive to determine best treatment plan for recovery from addiction.
Rochester NY addiction counselor for individuals and families overcoming addiction by a specialized treatment for the Hispanic population and the option for addiction recovery in gender specific substance abuse programs.
Dual diagnose treatment for persons with co-occurring behavioral health and substance abuse disorders. Private insurance Blue Cross Blue Shield and Blue Choice, Medicaid, Medicare accepted. Sliding scale fee is available.

YWCA of Rochester & Monroe County-Steppingstone Supportive Living
175 North Clinton Avenue, Rochester, NY 14604
Ph. (585) 368-2225
Residential drug rehab facility Rochester NY and alcohol recovery program. Residential drug addiction program NY.for women. Beds available for women and their children under the age of 12. Individual and group alcohol and drug counseling Rochester NY.Perinatal addiction rehabilitation Rochester NY available for pregnant women. Medicare and private insurance are accepted. State financial assistance is available.

Baden Street Counseling Center
585 Joseph Avenue, 1st Floor, Rochester, NY 14605
Ph. (585) 325-8130 x201
Substance abuse outpatient drug rehab Rochester NY for persons over 18 years of age.

East House Corp
25 Monroe Ave., Suite 200 Rochester, NY 14607
Ph. (585) 238-4800
Rochester drug treatment center residential and alcohol programs Rochester NY rehab for men and womens recovery. Residential recovery NY Drug treatment programs NY that is long term, more than 30 days. Drug rehab centers Rochester NY for alcohol and drug recovery at East House are genders specific. Group and individual alcohol and drug counseling. Medicaid, Social Security are accepted. Will assist with applying for Monroe County Public Assistance and financial assistance for they whom qualify.

Catholic Family Center
184 Alexander Street, Rochester, NY 14607
Ph. (585) 732-5803
  • Jones Community Residence-24 Jones Avenue, Rochester, NY 14608
Ph. (585) 719-8523
Inpatient drug program Rochester NY for men. Intensive drug and alcohol rehab Rochester NY.
  • Restart SA Services/Liberty Manor- 997 Saint Paul Boulevard, Rochester, NY 14605
Ph. (585) 266-3080
Residential drug rehab for women Rochester NY and their children. Drug treatment centers Rochester NY for pregnant women. Residential substance abuse programs Rochester NY that are long term rehab available. Sliding fee scale and payment assistance is available.
  • 55 Troup Street, Plymouth Park West, Rochester, NY 14608
Ph. (585) 546-1271 x258
Substance abuse Rochester NY outpatient rehab for men Rochester NY rehab for women and for pregnant women. Dual diagnose treatment for persons with co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders. Medicare and private insurance are accepted. Sliding fee scale and state financial assistance is available.
  • Freedom House- 87 North Clinton Street, Rochester, NY 14604
Ph. (585) 546-7220
Restart substance abuse treatment offering residential drug rehab for men Rochester NY. Clinical inpatient rehab Rochester NY care for substance abuse alcohol and drug rehabilitation counseling Rochester NY offered in group and individual substance abuse counseling sessions.

Park Ridge Chemical Dependency, Inc.
2654 Ridgeway Avenue, Rochester, NY 14626
Ph. (585) 723-7350 x 5414 Emergency (585) 723-7740
Teenager residence for sober living.
Substance abuse and alcoholism treatment programs are both long term, more than 30 days, and short term, less than 30 days.
Inpatient detox treatment for teens Rochester NY. 
  • 2650 Ridgeway Avenue, Rochester, NY 14626
Ph. (585) 723-7717
Womens recovery house Rochester NY. Drug treatment programs available 30 days or less. Medicare and private insurance are accepted. Sliding fee scale and state financial assistance is available.

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  2. Rochester Alcol and Drug Detox
  3. Rochester Drug and Alcohol Detox

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